Front-end Development Services

Remarkable Team, Driven by Talent

HashHackCode Studio provides bespoke professional frontend solutions with our FutureCoders who are trained from day one to deliver quality code.

We are here on a social mission to create an inclusive workforce of all individuals. By hiring us, you are not only getting the most hard-working & talented people on your project but also doing social good.


Whether you’re looking for an external development partner or expert developers to integrate with your in-house team, we’ll provide the best talent for your project.

User Interface Programming

Based on your Mock UI or PSD, we turn your designs into web standards compliant HTML5/CSS3 code.

HTML/CSS Performance Optimization

We optimize your HTML/CSS code for faster load-speed with W3C validation and SEO semantic code.

Responsive Design Coding

We hand-code your UI into a responsive design with seamless user experience, no matter which device they use.

Interactive Web Art & CSS Animation

We craft unique user experience with interactivity & animation that are simple, delightful and engaging at every step.

Dashboard & Data Visualization

We transform your complex data into meaningful insights with stunning data visualisations and interactivity.

Template Coding & Online Marketplace

We create websites, resumes, app templates & themes for online marketplace and SaaS-based products.

Artwork by FutureCoder

How do we work?

Based on your requirements, we identify the talents needed for your project. Every project will include our FutureCoders, Industry Expert Mentors and a Project Manager. Our mentors will co-work with our FutureCoders, teach them the ropes and guide them to finish the project meeting professional standards.

From start to finish, our Project Manager who will work closely with your team.

Let’s build something amazing together!