Creative Coding

Everyone learns differently

Our proprietary inclusive curriculum is tailored to all types of learners, we personalize the interactive learning process to help every learner to realize their full potential.

Creative Coding Kit is an immersive self-paced programming course to help teens & young adults develop skills for tomorrow. Our modules are linked to progressively teach programming from the basics, intermediate to advanced concepts.

Creativity + Innovation = Learning


Creative Expression

Geometric Concepts

Critical Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

Computer Programming

Learn Programming through Creative Coding


Learning Methodology

The best way to learn is to experience it. our learning methodology is designed to encourage students to find solutions to coding challenges on their own by exploring and experimenting through trial and error learning methodology. With Creative Coding, students jump right into coding and use programming as a means to express themselves.

Creative Coding - Level 1

In level 1, our young coders use HTML & CSS to create visual patterns with Creative Coding and understand sequence & Arithmetic logic that develop their cognitive thinking and logical reasoning.

Creative Coding - Level 2

In level 2, our young coders become more intuitive to recognize patterns, create interactive patterns and modularise their code to write fewer lines for the same output by establishing a logical relation between two different elements.

Creative Coding - Level 3

In level 3, our young coders identify and visually breakdown logic, understand the relationship between different codes, create abstract art through design patterns and animate it with programming.

Learn Programming through Creative Coding