Inspiring the NEXT Generation of Coders

Every student has a different learning style. At HashHackCode, we embrace our student’s individuality and the unique way each one learns. Our programs include new ways of learning and collaboration with digital tools and applications that help students to develop greater creativity and social skills.

Creativity + Innovation = Learning

Coding Education

  • Cultivate logical and creative thinking skills
  • Build the foundation for computational thinking
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Upskill to work independently



1-1 Mentorship

Regardless of the academic level, our students advance through our program and flourish with individualized instruction from our mentors.

Building Confidence

We recognize that each student learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace, based on their ability and programming knowledge.

Interactive Learning

Our coding classes encourage collaboration and focus on teaching the principles of programming through creativity & logic.

Learning Path & Curriculum

HHC Learning Path

We teach more than coding

Our students learn and innovate through tech

At HashHackCode, it all starts by creating a place that students are excited to be a part of. We use our proprietary curriculum crafted & perfected over the years to inspire our students to take up programming with creative, unscripted, exploratory coding challenges.

Our classes incorporate learning environments & methodologies designed to progressively stimulate curiosity-based learning, logical thinking and creative problem-solving. Our students learn how to learn!

Beyond Coding

Begin your child’s journey of tech education to stimulate & identify their potential! Our classes help the student to build...

Cognitive Development

Logical Reasoning

Computational Thinking

Problem Solving

Visual Processing

Data Interpretation

Creative Thinking

Digital Expression

Sustained Attention

Working Memory


Lateral Thinking

Admission Process



Complete our online application to apply for our Foundation Course.



Phone interview with the parent, to know more about the student.



Simple online test to evaluate the student proficiency.



Trial class for the student, to better understand their learning style.

Admission Open for Creative Coding


Read about the incredible journey of our neurodiverse #FutureCoders and their parents towards an independent life and career.

Ananth’s story of positivity – Waltzing his way into the creative world of Coding
2nd December 2020

Ananth’s story of positivity – Waltzing his way into the creative world of Coding

Ananth is a bright and affectionate young man of 23 years. He is a determined and persevering person who loves people. He was in his teens when he became aware that he is on the Autism spectrum. Contrary to what one would expect, the discovery of being neurodiverse brought him great relief and a whole…

Rising above all odds – Alan’s story of grit and perseverance
22nd October 2020

Rising above all odds – Alan’s story of grit and perseverance

I was 33 years old when Alan was born. He had a flat nose, almond-shaped eyes, and short limbs. He looked like a doll. I felt blessed. A few hours later, I was told that he had Down’s Syndrome and was born without an anus. Even before I could absorb what Down’s Syndrome meant, he…

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