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At HashHackCode, it all starts by creating a place that students are excited to be a part of. We use our proprietary curriculum crafted & perfected over the years. Our classes incorporate learning environments & methodologies designed to stimulate curiosity-based learning, logical thinking and creative problem-solving. Our students learn how to learn!

Why learn to code?

Enabling teens and young adults to explore the world of coding can be incredibly rewarding for them. Coding improves...


With coding, one learns to understand and solve problems by building small pieces that add up to the solution.


Programming challenging coders to develop and utilize a wide range of analytical skills & strengthen their cognitive abilities.


Coding improves logical thinking & communication needed to break down complex ideas and simplify them.


Coding has quickly become a vital skill; learning how to program provides a competitive advantage and translates into success.

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We teach more than coding

Our students learn and innovate through tech

We provide inclusive coding classes, designed for individuals with different abilities and learning styles to identify their potential and build a skill set that is essential for the digital era.

At HashHackCode, we inspire our FutureCoders to take up programming with creative, unscripted, exploratory coding challenges that will help them to become innovative and tech-savvy.



1-1 Mentorship

Mentorship is hands-down a faster, more effective way to learn. Our instructors are carefully selected to match the student’s unique needs and interests.

Building Confidence

We recognize that each student learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace, based on their ability and programming knowledge.

Interactive Learning

Our coding classes encourages collaboration and focuses on teaching the principles of programming through creativity & logic.

Curriculum & Learning Pathway

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to get any student regardless of background, abilities, gender or age to learn computer programming and use coding as a means to create a pathway to a tech career.

In this stage, we create the interest in our students to learn programming & become FutureCoders. Our Induction stage is divided into three levels.

Based on the student’s interest & potential, in the Foundation stage, we accordingly mentor our FutureCoders to master the fundamentals and advanced concepts of programming. The curriculum is personalised for each student, it consists of three to five levels for each module.

Each individual has their own unique skill set. Based on the student’s progress in the Induction & Foundation stage, our FutureCoders will specialize in a programming domain where they can master skills and create a career path for themselves.

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