We make tech accessible by creating an inclusive learning environment & workforce

Coding is the language of the future and research confirms that over 5 million jobs will be available in the tech industry by 2027. Everyone should get an equal chance to access this opportunity and not be deprived because of barriers they face.  

At HashHackCode, we believe that every individual is unique and capable of reaching their full potential. We want to mentor individuals from all walks of life and create opportunities for them in tech.

Our Mission

To provide inclusive tech education and workplace
for individuals from all walks of life.

HashHackCode Academy

To create a learning environment that is truly inclusive without any labels.

HashHackCode Studio

To provide career opportunities for all individuals to aspire and grow.

HashHackCode Community

To enable conversations that address barriers and create an inclusive society.

At HashHackCode, we believe every individual is different, learns differently and has undiscovered potential to change their life & society for the better.

Manu Sekar

CEO & Chief Mentor, HashHackCode