We embrace the diversity of the human brain and mind

HashHackCode provides inclusive tech education and mentorship to all individuals regardless of background, abilities, gender, or age to learn computer programming and create opportunities for them in tech.


We see a world where every individual is different and each one of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. We don’t believe in labels, we don’t segregate individuals, we believe in a system that is built without barriers for all individuals.


We believe the way to move forward for a meaningful career is to embrace the “Freelance Economy”, especially for jobs related to tech & programming, where your skillset is valued more than a degree or certificate. Many individuals with different cognitive abilities struggle with the traditional higher and professional education model, leaving them with very few options to choose for a fulfilling career.

This is where we saw a critical gap and a need for HashHackCode, to create an inclusive tech education academy that focuses on the student’s strength and creates a career path for them where they can aspire and grow.

Careers at HashHackCode

At HashHackCode, we pride ourselves on building a framework towards achieving Tech educational equity globally. We believe that our inclusive neurodiverse community is our strength.

We are constantly on the look-out for passionate individuals who believe in social good and can contribute their knowledge towards creating a meaningful learning and work experience. We don’t look into paper qualifications, what matters to us is that there is a deep desire to teach, learn, and succeed.

(The #Code that we stand for)

Team Player

No matter who you are, how much you earn, what your title is - we respect your approach and processes to ideate, innovate and improve the status-quo. Your ideas are valuable!

Happy work environment

Your happiness of career development is the greatest metric of our success!
Choose a career path of your choice and play to your strengths.

Neurodiversity Champion

Your attitude to create an inclusive environment is the biggest tick-in-the-box! We recognise exceptional employees who go above and beyond to implement initiatives for promoting neurodiversity.

Art and Attitude

We are a fun start-up that loves to incorporate art in everything we do. Explore your canvas and you no longer have to wait for weekends to kick in some entertainment!

At HashHackCode, we believe every individual is different, learns differently and has undiscovered potential to change their life & society for the better.

Manu Sekar

CEO & Chief Mentor, HashHackCode