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We teach more than coding. Our students learn and innovate through tech!

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At HashHackCode, we believe in equal access to education to all, regardless of background, abilities, gender or age. We provide Inclusive Tech Education & Mentorship to people with different abilities and strengths. We mentor students with ASD, ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Hard of Hearing, Non-Verbal, and Learning Difficulties.


Level 1 badges by our FutureCoders


Many people with different abilities struggle with the traditional higher and professional education model, leaving them with very few options to choose for a fulfilling career.

HashHackCode is creating an alternative inclusive ecosystem that recognizes and builds the potential of people with different abilities to learn coding, digital expression and computational thinking, to build a skill set that is essential for this digital era.

We offer 1-1 live online mentoring sessions and independent interactive learning. 

Our Approach

‘Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is not capable’, stated Albert Einstein highlighting the need for understanding individual differences.

Building relationships

In a world of increasing proximity and complexity, how well we do, whether in the classroom or the boardroom depends on how well we forge and navigate relationships. Our encouraging mentors can have a marked positive impact not only on academic and cognitive performance but also the social and emotional well-being of the student.

Fostering empathy

If we can empathize then we can communicate, collaborate, and lead.
Our empathetic teaching approach empowers change-makers, expands their imagination, motivates them to act and build by respecting other ideas, working collaboratively across boundaries, and creatively addressing problems.

Fuelling desire to learn

We believe Teaching is more about inspiration than information. Our goal is to spark each student’s imagination, to find a hook in their heart and mind so that they feel a need to learn and be curious for more. Our engaging curriculum paired with their curiosity, drive and inquisitiveness helps them to face unfamiliar real-world scenarios with ease.

Promoting Independence

We mentor/guide so the student is not wholly dependent. Allow the learner to make mistakes and then point out how and why these errors were made. fun, exciting and engaging experience. If we could teach children just one thing to prepare them for the world of tomorrow, it would be the love of learning itself.

Developing a growth mindset

Whether its step by step instruction, application of principles, or breaking down concepts and observing the student, we incorporate a “Never Settle” attitude that can bring the best out of a child. This attitude develops grit, persistence and belief in their abilities.

Real-time and frequent feedback

Our byte-sized learning approach helps improve focus on a single task or objective at a time and provides an impactful learning experience. There is frequent reinforcement and recurrent feedback that guides them through such small segments of learning.


Read about the incredible journey of our neurodiverse #FutureCoders and their parents towards an independent life and career.

Unlocking true potential: Saravana’s story of striding towards a promising career
12th September 2021

Unlocking true potential: Saravana’s story of striding towards a promising career

Saravanaraj was born on September 12th 2001 at Madurai, the historic temple city in Tamilnadu, South India. He is our second child and has an elder sibling. As a child Saravana’s physical development was completely normal. At around the age of two and a half, we became aware that his milestones were getting consistently delayed….

Expressing creativity through coding – Kirthik’s story of giving voice to artistic abilities and ingenuity
29th July 2021

Expressing creativity through coding – Kirthik’s story of giving voice to artistic abilities and ingenuity

Our only expectation when I was carrying a child sixteen years ago was that our baby should be a healthy one. We had no other aspirations besides this. I had a normal, happy and uneventful pregnancy. Kirthik was born in the port city of Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. We were ecstatic when our baby was born and…

What makes us different

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to embrace the diversity of the human brain and mind to progressively learn computer programming and use coding as a means to become skilled-individuals.